Iceland Fall 2017--Cell Phone Shots - Laurie Reed Photography
Day 6:  Resident goat at Fjalladyrd farm

Day 6: Resident goat at Fjalladyrd farm

This friendly Icelandic goat wandered around the tourist area at the remote farm we visited on the way to the northeast coast. He was beautiful. But he had one bad habit if you weren't careful. He would approach tourists, especially those standing near their vehicles, and once everybody had petted him, he'd try his darnedest to get into the car. I saw him get bodily hauled out a couple of times. He also wandered into the open back door of the farm cafe. Iceland has tens of thousands of sheep, a breed that came to the island more than 1000 years ago. There are also Icelandic goats, also an old breed, but many fewer goats than sheep. Iceland also has its own breed of horses and cattle. Horses are everywhere but cattle are much rarer and beef is very uncommon as a meal.