Iceland Fall 2017--Cell Phone Shots - Laurie Reed Photography
Day 10:  Svinafellsjökull

Day 10: Svinafellsjökull

Here I was, standing at the very edge of the Svinafells glacier. Just off the right edge of the picture was a lagoon with a few floating icebergs. Just off the left edge of the picture was a muddy, winding path leading up the side of the hill where one could go to shoot the glacier ice close up. It was drizzling at the time (of course!) and I did not trust my injured shin on the slippery path and so I went no farther than this. But I was able to shoot lots of detail in the ice and in the mountains behind. Warning signs abounded here--beware of: extremely cold water, slippery ice, crevasses in the ice, loose rock, etc. I think they've lost a few tourists here over the years.